Studs for accessories were the protagonists of the latest fashion shows 

Accessories play an important role in the fashion industry. Bags, shoes, and belts are among the items that drive fashionistas crazy, so much so that some of the most famous designers’ creations have become iconic. 

In order for these products to have such an enormous impact, the attention to detail must be endless. For this reason, alongside the designers, a place of honour must be reserved for those who take care of the creation of all those elements that enrich and complete them, elements such as studs for accessories. 

The latest fashion shows have seen studs for accessories as the undisputed protagonists, so if you want to keep up with the trends, you have to hurry and buy at least one pair of shoes or a bag embellished with this type of metal smallware. In any case, a tour of the shops in your city will be more than enough to discover that you are literally spoiled for choice!

Although they’re not something you’ve ever seen before – but what in fashion really is? – studs for accessories represent the perfect detail to add to even the most classical product to give it that extra touch of personality that should never be missing. Stylists, moreover, are very good at using them in ways that are always original and of great impact. 

Wealth S.r.l. is Italy’s most famous producer of studs for accessories

But who makes the studs for accessories that we find on our favourite belts, bags, wallets, and shoes? Wealth S.r.l. is an Italian company that produces the most popular metal smallware for fashion brands all over the world: if you have a design accessory with special studs in your closet, this company is almost certainly behind it!

The studs for accessories made by the Wealth S.r.l. team stand out not only because they are available in many shapes and sizes, but also because of their resistance. To make them the best materials on the market are used, such as zamak and ABS. So whatever use you want to make of them, we have the perfect type for you. 

In addition, Wealth S.r.l. offers all its customers an incredible customisation service that allows them to purchase unique and original studs for accessories. In addition to being able to choose the colour and all the finishing processes, customers can even provide us with their own designs that our technicians will then go on to realise. 

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