Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.



Tailor-made metal smallware for haute couture

For over ten years now, Wealth has been recognised all over the world as a leading force in the production of metal smallware for clothing, footwear, and the leather industry. Excellent final products, great attention to details, and the quality of the materials employed in the work processes have always been the company’s main strengths. It is thus understandable why Wealth has become the ideal partner for many Italian and international fashion brands when it comes to manufacturing items based on technical drawings. 

The level of customisation we guarantee can be compared to very few others’ in the world. Thanks to our competent staff and our state-of-the-art machinery, in our labs we create studs, buttons, rivets, rings, rhinestones, cabochons zipper pulls, bodkins, bead tips knot covers, and buckles, all tailor-made, and original and stylish in their design.

Wealth gives you the chance to personalise your purchase in many different ways. From mould engraving to laser etching, clients can either showcase their brand name or add original touches through electroplating, varnishing, and enamelling. Exclusive results are always guaranteed!

The many different kinds of materials we used also play a key role in our customisation process; clients can choose between zamak, brass, iron, steel, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, ABS, and nylon. Wealth’s production in its entirety is tailor-made and based on technical drawings provided by clients and the specifics in each contract. Whichever need a client may have, we can meet all their requests promptly and with precision, making sure they feel included in all the stages of the production process.

Tailor-made manufacturing of technical items