Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.



Production and sale of items for the leather industry

Wealth’s selection of products intended for high-end fashion brands includes several kinds of metallic smallware for leather pieces of clothing and accessories, such as rings, half-rings, zipper pulls, hooks, pendants, bag fastener, purse feet, clasps, knobs, adjustment screws, and turned details.

These products combine functionality and aesthetic, something of significant importance for everyone who wants to offer bags, jackets, belts, and every other item worthy of the haute couture industry. 

Choosing Wealth means being able to count on fine manufacture, excellent execution, reliability, and prompt deliveries. Mostly, though, it stands for custom-made products through and through. Material, shape, dimension, and colours can be selected according to each client’s needs; our catalogue offers many options, but we can also make products based on designs provided by customers, so to create exclusive and original pieces.

Most of our smallware for leather goods is available in zamak and brass. Also, all items can be further customised through work processes such as varnishing, laser etching, several types of electroplating, both with nickel and nickel-free.

Moreover, thanks to one of our technical consultant’s support, customers are sure to purchase products whose sturdiness, resistance, finishing, colours, and shape last over time. The company is also open to provide samples, which make the decision process much simpler and faster from the very beginning.

Through the collaboration with a specialised lab, Wealth also offers an application service for metal smallware on leather or fabrics.

Manufacturer of leather industry smallware