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Welcome, we are Wealth

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ABS studs by Wealth: the best product for the footwear industry

Wealth is also a manufacturer of ABS studs

Just as there are hundreds of different applications for this small piece of metal smallware, there are just as many types of studs. They come in a wide variety of shapes and materials, which makes them one of the most versatile products in the fashion accessory sector. 

Thanks to their incredible variety, studs can be used to give personality and character to any type of clothing, always adding something new and original. Think about it, who doesn’t have at least one dress, outerwear item, or accessory decorated with studs in their wardrobe? 

It should come as no surprise to anyone, then, if we say that it is precisely this type of metal smallware that is the most popular with the customers of a leading company in the industry such as Wealth S.r.l.. The Desio-based brand – a town on the outskirts of Milan – has always offered a complete range of accessories for the fashion industry, including rhinestones, rivets, eyelets, and, above all, studs. 

Our company provides zamak studs, nylon studs and even ABS studs, which are made accordin to the highest production standards. Contact us by following the directions on our website to satisfy your curiosity about these products and the processes we use to make them!

Examples of ABS studs

ABS studs: the perfect product for the footwear industry

As we have already mentioned, different types of studs are associated with different types of use; for example, zamak studs are considered ideal for leather products, while prong studs are considered the best option for knitwear. ABS studs also have their own particular use; they are especially recommended for the shoe industry

The world of footwear is one of the most demanding in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to products made for the most prestigious brands out there. Some of the models found in the windows of luxury shops are designed with such attention to the smallest details that they often look like jewellery. But to achieve these results, it is necessary to use the right materials and to rely on the right manufacturers: this is how Wealth’s ABS studs come into play

Wealth offers its prestigious customers ABS studs that can be customised for any project in the footwear sector. But why is this thermoplastic polymer considered to be the best material for creating elements that can be applied to all types of shoes? Mainly because of its resistance. There is probably no accessory that is more subject to wear and tear than shoes; it is normal that decorative elements are also made to resist over time.

Like any other product in Wealth’s catalogue, ABS studs can be manufactured according to our customers’ designs. This gives them the opportunity to bring to life exactly what they had in mind while creating their sketch. Our staff is always ready to help with the development of the project with lots of useful tips and suggestions. 

Curious to find out more about ABS studs and other Wealth products? Our official blog has plenty of articles to answer all your questions!