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Welcome, we are Wealth

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Production of eyelets for clothing, footwear, and leather goods

Eyelets are pivotal in apparel, footwear, and accessories. Theirs is not just a functional role, but also aesthetic since they help turn simple bags, clothes, belts, and shoes into high-end items.

Wealth is the ideal partner for all haute couture brands that are looking for eyelets for clothing, footwear, and leather goods. Several fashion brands already use our smallware, which is produced with materials that conform even to the most demanding contracts and improve the quality and value of every item they’re applied to. 

Our production of eyelets is highly tailored. Clients can choose among a wide selection of models. Thanks to the collaboration with one of our technical experts, customers are sure to have all the pieces of advice necessary to take home the perfect product, one that absolutely meets their needs. 

Wealth produces brass, iron, aluminium, and steel eyelets, each type ideal for different purposes and applications. Customers can choose between several kinds of eyelets: standard, grommets, double-faced, which can all be flat or curved and improve the reverse side of the piece of leather they’re applied to. There are many shapes, diameters, and processing one can choose from to get a perfectly customised final product. We create round, oval, and elliptical-shaped eyelets, micro ones and some that can reach a diameter of a couple of centimetres. Like all our other products, the eyelets we produce can undergo electroplating, varnishing, laser etching, and polishing.

There exist two possible types of application: the two-pieced one with an eyelet and a washer, and the one that uses star or ring self-tapping eyelets.

Manufacturer of eyelets for high fashion