Welcome, we are Wealth

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Welcome, we are Wealth

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Custom-made studs for shoes and clothing

Wealth has specialised in the production of studs for the fashion industry. Our products can be used on pieces of clothing, shoes, and bags; they are made of different materials and they are perfect for adding a little bit of personality and style to both men and women’s apparel.

Wealth’s studs are ideal for high-end fashion brands and their clothing or footwear collections; such precious details can turn even the dullest piece into a must-have.

Thanks to the expertise of our team and our internal lab, we’re able to create both ABS/Nylon studs and customised zamak studs, which are tailor-made as to meet each and every client’s need. The first ones are light and easy to apply, whereas the second type is well-appreciated for the high quality of even their most exquisite details. Moreover, they both show high tensile strength. Because of their versatility, Wealth’s studs are also perfect for the footwear and the leather industry.

There exists an infinite number of ways in which studs can be customised: we offer a wide selection of products in different sizes, shapes, and processing techniques. In our advisory service and our technicians, clients always find the support and experience needed to design the products they have in mind, both style and functionality-wise. Moreover, fashion brands can provide their own designs for the studs we are going to create for them. In this case, we take care of the entire production process, from the fabrication of the machinery and the moulding of a rough-version of the stud to the packaging and the delivery of the final product. Each step of the process, we guarantee full respect of the quality, the assembly, and the specifics we’ve agreed upon.

There can be many different ways of assembly and application of Wealth’s studs: the company gives the option to choose between male and female rivet studs, nailhead prong studs, and self-piercing star and roll effect studs with rivets. Theirs is always a fast and simple application, so to satisfy even the most intense work process. There are standard punch tools and spare parts that are made precisely for each of our products, but they can all be modified, polished, and adjusted to fit perfectly on the client’s upper. Otherwise, Wealth offers the chance to have its products in zamak, ABS, and nylon, thanks to tailor-made methods conceived to work around every client’s need. In order to do this, we also rely on external labs equipped with automatic machinery; over the years we’ve established a strong partnership with these labs, and now we can guarantee optimal results.

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