Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.



Production of male and female rivets and self-tapping rivets 

Most of our catalogue is made up of a plethora of rivets for the fashion industry. Wealth’s products can be applied to high-end items of clothing, footwear, and leather goods, and they are employed by many Italian and international brands to decorate and add precious details to every piece whichever its style. 

The wide selection of rivets available allows for Wealth’s attentive and quick answer to all the requests of the market and each client’s needs. There are two main kinds of application: ring or star-tapping for our one-pieced self-tapping rivets, and the male and female mechanism, which requires the use of two components: a head and a tail.

Self-tapping or one-piece rivets

Available in brass, iron, and copper, self-tapping rivets are made of a single component. This product is inexpensive and extremely easy for self-application through the use of stamps we provide. Upon request, we can also supply rivets for automatic or semi-automatic application, which requires the use of electric or pneumatic machinery. It is also possible to choose between ring-tapping or star-tapping rivets. Either way, we can offer a never-ending selection of these products in many different shapes and sizes, which come with different heads, such as flat and round, and different mandrel length. Like all of our products they can undergo electroplating – with nickel or nickel-free – varnishing in many colours, and laser etching

Male and female rivets

Known also as double rivets the male and female rivets are a type of smallware made of two parts. The two-component closure allows maximum grip on leather of different thickness. Our male parts are available in two variants: round-headed, perfect when they’re visible, and simple, recommended with hidden ones.

Because of the presence of two sub-components, even the reverse side of an item can be valorised, thanks to a “double-head” effect. Like most of our products, male and female rivets are made of brass or iron. You can choose among a wide range of shapes, colours, and sizes, in order to guarantee the highest level of personalisation possible of the final product. Moreover, Wealth offers the chance to select several kinds of work processes, starting from the choice of raw materials and ending with the type of electroplating, varnishing, or laser etching. Clients can easily handle the application of double rivets themselves, thanks to the stamps we provide; although it is also possible to ask for our support. Because of our close partnership with many labs scattered all over Italy, we ensure precise application and prompt delivery. 

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