welcome, we are wealth

il tutto è più della somma delle parti.

welcome, we are wealth

ogni singola parte però, per quanto minuta possa essere, contribuisce al tutto in maniera unica e irripetibile.


Do you need steel rivets for the fashion industry? Just ask Wealth S.r.l.

Wealth’s steel rivets are used in the fashion industry

Wealth S.r.l. is a company specialised in the production of all kinds of metal smallware for the fashion world. By getting in touch with us, you will be able to buy all the studs, rhinestones, eyelets and even steel rivets you need to make your creations. 

In Italy, there is no better place to turn for the supply of top quality steel rivets. For years, in fact, Wealth S.r.l. has managed to become a point of reference for all the most important brands – even at international level – in the fashion sector and today we can say that our articles contribute to the creation of some of the most expensive and desirable clothes and shoes on the planet. 

What makes Wealth steel rivets so popular among fashion designers is, above all, their quality, which is excellent from all points of view. In order to achieve such a result, the commitment of the team working for our company is absolute; the specialised technicians in charge of our production are always looking for the most innovative processes to offer only the best to our customers. 

La moda sceglie i rivetti in acciaio Wealth.

What can you expect from Wealth S.r.l.’s steel rivets? Optimal performance and possibility of customisation

Who buys the steel rivets provided by Wealth S.r.l. knows he can count on products with high performances. But what does this mean? Basically, our products have great resistance and are therefore perfect to be applied to clothes, shoes and accessories, which are known to be items that are easily subjected to the action of wear and tear. 

To achieve the levels of quality for which our steel rivets are renowned, only the best materials on the market are used in our plant. This is the only way we can provide our customers with products we can be proud of. In addition, we are pleased to be able to offer exclusive services such as customisation of the items we have in our catalogue and the possibility of creating made-to-measure parts. 

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