Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Wealth, the rhinestone supplier the fashion industry has fallen in love with

Wealth, the rhinestone supplier the fashion industry has fallen in love with

Wealth, rhinestone supplier for high fashion

In a peculiar world like the fashion industry, where you are always one accessory away from creating something unoriginal and tacky, some details can, on the contrary, transform a simple dress into a symbol of style, elegance and – why not? – avant-garde. Those who do not work in this field may find it difficult to grasp, but a designer can spend days choosing details such as the color or material to use for one of their creations, well knowing how even a shade off can alter the final effect.

Fashion designers have many aces up their sleeve, such as metal accessories: studs, rivets, buttons and rhinestones; tiny elements that if used with skill are able to give character and personality to any garment. But be careful, you need an expert eye to avoid fashion disasters. Take rhinestones as an example, ideal for lighting up clothes and accessories, but too often associated with tackiness. Never forget, though, that when the effect is not elegant one can’t blame rhinestones, but the designer who misused them!

However, this happens very rarely in haute couture, an industry in which not only talented and inspired professionals work, but where excellent quality materials are available. The metal smallware used by designers for their creations have nothing to do with the elements found on clothes on the racks of department stores, and the reason behind this superior quality is a rhinestone supplier like Wealth S.r.l..

Produttore strass alta moda

Wealth is a rhinestone supplier contended by all the most famous fashion brands

Wealth S.r.l. is an Italian company that in a very short time has managed to make its way in a competitive field like the fashion industry thanks to its innovative techniques and the competence of its team. For a fashion brand, choosing external manufacturers to collaborate with is a crucial step, which often can even determine the success of a collection. Being able to count on a reality that works with such passion and seriousness as the rhinestones supplier Wealth is an opportunity that few people will pass on

Among the reasons that have made Wealth not only a rhinestone supplier appreciated by those who work in fashion but also an international leader in the metal smallware industry, there are the complete service offered and the extensive product catalog. Whatever type of rhinestones you need, Wealth is here for you with endless models to choose from

And if in our catalog there isn’t what you are looking for, don’t worry; Wealth’s team is specialized in the customization of its metal smallware, thanks to processes such as varnishing and electroplating. But there’s more; Wealth is also able to create customized products based on your own designs. It’s services like this that make Wealth the best rhinestone supplier around!

Wealth is a top-quality rhinestone supplier

To light up a dress, a pair of shoes or an accessory, there is nothing better than rhinestones, especially if these precious elements come from a top-tier rhinestone supplier such as Wealth. Our company is able to produce these products for both the footwear and the clothing industry, thanks to a series of processes that make our stones suitable to be applied to any material, ensuring optimal performances. 

Wealth customers can choose not only the shape, but also the material for their products. In case of necessity or doubt, our staff is always ready to help them find the right model, illustrating the various characteristics of brass and iron to them. 

As a specialized rhinestone supplier, Wealth is able to provide different options also with regard to the stones: faceted crystals, resin and real stone are available to customers. For the most precious creations, moreover, we offer original Swarovski stones taken directly from the company’s catalog or created specifically for our customer.