Welcome, we are Wealth

il tutto è più della somma delle parti.

Welcome, we are Wealth

ogni singola parte però, per quanto minuta possa essere, contribuisce al tutto in maniera unica e irripetibile.


To buy quality smallware in Milan, you should get in touch with Wealth S.r.l.

Italian Wealth S.r.l. is the number one company in the production of smallware in Milan

When it comes to smallware for high fashion in Milan, there is only one company that brings together all international names in the most glamorous industry: Italian Wealth S.r.l.. This is the company that creates all those small metal accessories that designers use to complete and embellish their collections. 

The quality of the service offered by Wealth S.r.l. is so high that over the years we have succeeded in transforming a small business based in Desio – a town just a few kilometres from Milan – into a real point of reference for all those working in the fashion industry. In short, people come from all over the world to buy our smallware in Milan!

Modella posa con dei capi arricchiti con pezzi di minuteria

What makes Wealth S.r.l.’s production of smallware in Milan the best in the world?

If Wealth S.r.l. has managed to win the trust of the major designers and brands in the fashion industry, it is only thanks to the vast selection of quality smallware in Milan that we are able to offer them. Here, you can buy studs, rivets, buttons, rhinestones, eyelets, and accessories for leather goods of every type, shape, and size

Whether you need zips to close your clothes or studs to give a touch of personality to a pair of shoes, the team of professionals at Wealth S.r.l. will provide you with the perfect piece of smallware in Milan. After all, we don’t have one of the best stocked warehouses in the industry to be found unprepared!

All our products are made using only the best materials, whether they are metal or plastic. This allows us to provide a type of smallware in Milan that is not only beautiful, but also extremely durable and high-performance, which is not to be underestimated if it is to be applied to everyday items such as shoes and bags. 

In addition, many of our customers are won over by the exclusive customisation service we offer them. Thanks to the presence in our staff of highly skilled technicians, we are able to provide customisation work for the entire range of smallware in Milan designed by Wealth, so that we can supply unique pieces in every way. 

Are you interested in knowing more details about the production of small parts in Milan by Wealth? Then, come and visit our blog!