Welcome, we are Wealth

il tutto è più della somma delle parti.

Welcome, we are Wealth

ogni singola parte però, per quanto minuta possa essere, contribuisce al tutto in maniera unica e irripetibile.


Wealth’s metal button production will leave you speechless

Wealth and its impressive metal button production 

There are elements that all kinds of clothing, accessories such as bags and wallets, and even some jewellery have in common; can you imagine what that might be? It’s something very small, but fundamental to the functionality of most of what makes up our wardrobe; something that can come in different shapes, but without which it would be practically impossible to wear our favourite clothes and use our most cherished accessories. Have you guessed what we’re talking about? Well, you’ve got it right: the correct answer is buttons! 

In our lives, we have probably seen so many buttons that at first it may seem strange to give them such importance. After all, how could we be surprised by something so simple? Yet buttons are not only extremely useful and versatile for their practical function, they are also some of the most important allies of fashion designers

We know this well at Wealth S.r.l., the Italian company whose production of metal buttons includes orders from famous names in the world of high fashion. If you were to hold in your hands our buttons, you would never again underestimate these pieces of metal smallware!

Some of our metal buttons

It is impossible to find a metal button production like the one by Wealth

The feature that Wealth customers appreciate the most about our metal button production is the high level of customisation that we offer them. Only with us, in fact, is it possible not only to select the shape, size, material and finishing of the product, but also to provide your sketches to be used for the manufacturing of the order units. This unique service allows us to collaborate at our best with the brightest minds in the fashion industry, a sector where creativity and originality always come first.

However, there are many other reasons why Wealth’s metal button production is considered so high-quality; for example, all our products are made using the top-tier materials that allow us to achieve the highest level of sturdiness and practicality. And if that’s not enough, we offer a great variety of options, including steel, brass and iron. 

What makes our metal button production truly unique is the wide range of processing that Wealth is able to offer its customers, which allows us to add many fine details. For example, if you order the buttons for your activity from us, you can have your logo or any decoration you wish to add on them; you don’t need anything else to transform a simple button into a design element!

Contact us if you have any further questions about the Wealth metal button production, we will be happy to share all our secrets with you!