Wealth S.r.l.’s flagship product is its production of studs

If Wealth S.r.l. has managed to become one of the most important names at international level in the field of metal smallware for fashion, it is above all thanks to its top quality production of studs. Among the many products we make every day at our plant, studs are probably the most popular and requested by our customers. 

On the other hand, Wealth’s production of studs has always been known for the beauty and functionality of the pieces of which it is composed and which – for these very reasons – have been at home for many years in the ateliers of the most sought-after brands in the world. If we can now claim such a great honour, it is only thanks to the attention to detail and the talent shown by the entire staff involved in this service. 

Curious to learn more about what makes our production of studs unique in the world? Then continue reading this new post for our official blog; we assure you that there is really no better way to discover the secrets of the resounding success of an Italian excellence like Wealth S.r.l..

That’s why there is no other production of studs like the one proposed by Wealth S.r.l. 

The main reason why so many stylists and creative directors of the most important fashion companies in the world have been won over by the production of studs by Wealth S.r.l. is its five-star quality. The real question is: how is it possible to achieve such high standards? 

The materials used certainly play a key role. Our company for its production of studs uses only metals and plastics that are able to guarantee the best performances. In particular, Wealth S.r.l. proposes pieces in zamak, nylon and ABS, three equally valid options in terms of resistance and durability

The degree of customisation we offer is also a plus that few designers are able to give up. Being original in the fashion world is a key feature; for this reason, Wealth offers its customers many different processes and finishing techniques through which it is possible to create made-to-measure studs. Our production of studs is not only extensive, but practically infinite!

Now do you understand why there is no more influential reality than Wealth S.r.l. in the field of metal smallware for the fashion industry? Our original and resistant production of studs, ideal for garments, accessories, and shoes is the best way we have to present ourselves. 

Wealth S.r.l., though, offers not only an excellent production of studs; have a look at our website to discover all the other products made by our company.