Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Learn more about Wealth’s metal accessories for the leather industry

The importance of metal accessories for the leather industry and all the other details in fashion

On catwalks, we’re used to seeing wonderfully elaborate dresses and jackets, created by brilliant artists. However, have you ever thought about not the finished product – the one showcased by the models – but the fine details that make designer clothing so special? 

Behind big fashion companies, there are always many firms working in the shadows on the creation of these fine details. Manufacturing their products requires as much dedication and creativity as needed by a fashion designer. We’re talking about companies which employ specialised technicians and talented designers to help the most famous fashion brands to come up with their masterpieces. 

Even though these companies are not as widely known as the designers they collaborate with, it doesn’t mean they aren’t well respected in the fashion industry. Let’s take Wealth S.r.l. as an example; the company headquartered in Desio is specialised – among other things – in the production of metal accessories for the leather industry. Wealth is not just one of the most accomplished businesses in this field but also one of the most appreciated, since, over the years, it’s been able to secure many high-profile collaborations. 

If you follow what happens in the fashion industry a little bit, then you must have seen some of our products, probably without realising it. Wealth metal accessories for the leather industry are applied to jackets, belts, shoes, and any other leather piece by the most famous, international designers. Do you remember those unusual studs you fell in love with during this season fashion week? Well, there’s a high chance they were one of Wealth’s products. 

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Metal accessories for the leather industry: all Wealth products

Our metal accessories for the leather industry are so easy to recognise because they’re all tailor-made. To satisfy the requests and needs of our prestigious clients, we offer a series of services that allows us to create unique pieces. Customisation is a fundamental trait of all our products; for this reason, we’ve come up with some of the most innovative manufacturing processes in the field. 

Before focusing on our special techniques, though, we’d like to talk a little bit about our metal accessories for the leather industry. Wealth’s production includes metal studs, rivets, and rhinestones, exclusively designed for leather clothing. If you need zipper pulls, pendants, hooks, rings, half-rings, clasps, purse feet, knobs, and adjustment screws, Wealth gives you the chance to buy them in the best quality

The accessories for leather items of our production can be applied to all products made in this material. Belts, bags, and also pieces of footwear and outerwear, Wealth metal smallware is perfect for high-end accessories everyone can proudly include in their collections. 

What makes Wealth metal accessories for the leather industry so special

Clients know that whichever idea they submit to our technicians, they are able to make it happen exactly as imagined. This is possible because, at the beginning of every project, there’s an in-depth meeting between customers and Wealth’s employees. The metal accessories for the leather industry we produce are the product of a close collaboration with our clients, whether they come to our offices already with a design or with just a rough idea of what they want.

At our customers’ disposal, there are a plethora of metal accessories for the leather industry in many shapes and sizes. One can also choose between different materials; when we have to work with leather – a material that is at the same time delicate and sturdy – we prefer Zamak and brass, but we’re always open to new challenges. Moreover, we offer finishing processes such as electroplating and varnishing, to make our products even more special. One of our most appreciated services is laser etching, a technique that allows us to add decorations on the surface of our smallware

On the company’s website, you’ll find a number of examples of our metal accessories for the leather industry and all our other products.