Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Why you should choose rivets for the leather industry by Wealth

Wealth, a story of success

If you’ve already heard about Wealth S.r.l., you’ll know that the company is internationally famous for its pivotal contribution to the fashion industry. No other factory of metal smallware has established more collaborations with high-end national and international brands. With dedication and passion, Wealth has won the respect of who works in the field, proving to be a true Italian excellence.

Many might wonder which is the secret of our success; however, we don’t like to talk about “secrets”. What makes Wealth unique and special is under everyone’s eye, something everybody can see for themselves: our incredible products. Rhinestones for clothing, studs for footwear, rivets for leather items, eyelets, and buttons; our entire production of metal smallware is our real calling card.

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Wealth rivets for the leather industry

The leather industry is a peculiar sector of the fashion world, which includes many different products: outwear items, bags, and belts; there are infinite uses for this fantastic material, which is resistant and delicate at the same time. Wealth has always offered a wide choice of metal accessories, perfect to be applied to leather. For example, we believe our production of rivets for the leather industry is one of our best successes. 

But do you know what rivets for leather items are? They’re small metal elements used in every field which connect two or more parts. In the fashion industry, though, their role is mostly decorative, as they embellish fabrics and accessories.

Wealth’s production of rivets for the leather industry includes two types: self tapping rivets and male and female rivets. What sets them apart are their structural features; the first model is made of a single metal piece, whereas the second one of two. We suggest self tapping rivets to all those companies that want to limit their expenses and make the application process faster; on the other hand, male and female rivets are perfect to be also applied to thicker materials, such as leather

Extremely reliable and sturdy, rivets for the leather industry made of two components can also show their inner part, which, thanks to our techniques of customisation, can be as pretty as the outer one. This is a real advantage for the detail-oriented brands we collaborate with and their high-tier products. 

How we customise our rivets for the leather industry

As we were saying, most of the techniques we use can also be employed for the production of rivets for the leather industry. Nothing is more important to us than our ability to guarantee unique and original products; for this reason, we offer the chance to agree upon every step of the production process. Depending on the needs and the results one wants to achieve, it is possible to opt for Zamak die casting, different kinds of pressing, and deep drawing.

We recommend electroplating when you need your rivets to be luxurious, whereas to add details such as decorations and the brand name, there are mould engraving and laser etching. Moreover, we offer an excellent service of varnishing, so that clients can choose between a lot of different shades and finishings. 

Entrust us with your project or idea, Wealth’s technicians will be happy to get to work to give you all the rivets for the leather industry you need!