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Welcome, we are Wealth

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Metal smallware for fashion: Wealth explains why its products are the best

The success of Wealth’s metal smallware for fashion

In the metal smallware for fashion industry, there is no Italian company more well-known than Wealth S.r.l.; over the years, many stylists have decided to add a bit of originality and style to their creations by relying on the products created in Desio by this successful firm. 

In northern Italy alone, there are so many factories producing metal smallware for fashion, so what has made so many people interested in our work? What are the characteristics that make Wealth’s products so special that they are requested by the world’s most famous clothing and accessory brands? 

There are many answers to these questions; it is not easy to determine what is behind a company’s success. However, it is possible to identify elements that give Wealth’s metal smallware for fashion an edge over those of other manufacturers. If you are curious to discover what we are talking about, keep reading this article.

Pieces of metal smallware for fashion

Wealth’s metal smallware for fashion, quality and variety 

Customers who choose our business to manufacture the metal smallware for fashion they will present on international catwalks and in the most elegant boutiques around the world know that there are no better quality studs, rhinestones, eyelets, and leather goods than those manufactured in our factory

There is no stage in the production process that we don’t take care of in every detail, in order to guarantee exceptional results. The materials we use offer all-around excellent performances and allow our metal smallware for fashion to last over time while maintaining all the characteristics desired by the customer. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide the best material according to the type of product; for example, we offer our customers zamak or ABS studs, and rhinestones created with Swarovski or natural stones

But to further increase the quality of Wealth’s products there are the many processes that can be applied to all types of metal smallware for fashion that we manufacture, in order to make them even more original and special. One of the main goals of our company is to guarantee to our customers the highest possible level of customisation; through galvanic processing and varnishing we give you the possibility to make your dreams come through, even those that seem out of reach. 

In addition to quality, many of our clients continue to choose us because there is no other manufacturer of metal smallware for fashion that can offer a wider selection of products. Not only can you find studs and rivets in our catalogue, it also includes rhinestones, eyelets, buttons, and products designed specifically for leather goods

With such a varied selection, it is only natural that Wealth has managed to become one of the best-known companies in the metal smallware for fashion industry; we alone are able to satisfy both clothing and accessory brands.

Curious to discover the thousands of ways you can use our metal smallware for fashion? Come and visit our official blog, here you will find many interesting insights!