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Welcome, we are Wealth

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Metal smallware for bags: Wealth is behind the success of the biggest names in the fashion industry

Metal smallware for bags: Wealth is behind the success of the biggest names in the fashion industry

Metal smallware for bags by Wealth S.r.l.

As anyone working in the field knows, the possible uses of metal smallware in the world of fashion are endless. These tiny accessories, in fact, are so versatile and easily customisable that they can be used for the most different purposes, often assuming the fundamental role of representing that detail capable of transforming a simple garment into an iconic item of clothing. 

One fashion sector in which small metal parts are widely used is leather goods. Leather products are often finished and decorated with metal accessories, which is why the metal smallware industry for bags is a very competitive field, made up of companies that every year come up with innovative ideas to stay relevant and interesting in an ever-changing world. 

Among the companies that stand out most for the quality of their metal smallware collections for bags that they make available to their customers, a place of honour is reserved for Wealth, the Italian company that for years has been offering original and creative options to all designers of leather accessories working for high fashion. With its help, the most famous designers have brought bags, belts, shoes and many other pieces onto the catwalk, which have remained in the collective imagination thanks to their metal details.

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How Wealth produces its metal smallware for bags

At our headquarters in Desio, a small town just a few kilometres from Milan and its catwalks and ateliers, many pieces of metal smallware for bags are created every day, specifically designed to be applied to this particular type of accessory. In fact, the term “metal smallware” refers to numerous accessories that can be used, with the necessary precautions, in all areas of fashion. 

Metal smallware for bags, for example, must be particularly resistant, both because of the type of material these accessories are made of – usually quite robust – and because bags are among the items most subject to wear. Right from the design stage, Wealth’s team makes sure that the studs, rhinestones and rivets to be applied to backpacks and handbags are suitable to do their job well and for many years. 

We have such an extensive catalogue at our customers’ disposal that it is impossible not to find an example of metal smallware for bags that is perfect for the intended use. After all, Wealth’s creative team is renowned for the refinement of its creations, which have always been among the most popular and recognisable.

However, knowing how important originality is for those working in this field, Wealth also offers its clients the opportunity to show us their designs so that they can be realised according to their specifications. Alternatively, if you are looking for unique metal smallware for bags but you don’t have a precise design in mind, you can always share your ideas with us; we will work together to produce them.

Metal smallware for bags: quality comes first

Anyone who is familiar with the metal smallware for bags made by Wealth knows how important it is for us to offer only top-quality products. That is why we work so hard to develop cutting-edge processing and services that make working with customers even more interesting and convenient for them. 

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