Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Studs for footwear, what a dream!

Shoes help us define our style, maybe even more than clothes. Mirroring the personality of the wearer, over the years they’ve become real must-haves. But how can you tell a common pair of shoes you can find in your local department store from a designer’s one? The materials, of course, but also the details.

To create unique pieces, original and innovative ideas aren’t enough; you need to count on partners that are able to help you turn your dreams into functional and wearable products. Wealth S.r.l. – a company located in Desio, leader in the field of the production of studs for footwear – is one of these realities. The kinds of metal smallware we produce have been requested by the most famous Italian and international brands in the fashion industry to decorate their items of clothing.

le borchie di Wealth

Studs for footwear by Wealth

Obviously, we don’t work only with clothing brands, but also with those specialised in fashion accessories like shoes. Items so different in materials and production techniques need different accessories, too. Wealth has studs for footwear made precisely to be long-lasting even if they’re applied to your favourite pair, the one you wear every day.

Wealth’s production of studs is rich and varied in order to satisfy each area of the fashion industry. If zamak studs are perfect for leather goods, prong studs are preferred for the application on knitwear and clothing. For shoes though, an expert in the production of metal smallware like Wealth knows that the best products are ABS plastic studs, which are sturdy and simple to apply. Being very easy to work with, ABS is perfect for footwear.

How to customise our studs for footwear

Besides its wide selection of products, what has made Wealth the best manufacturer of studs for footwear is the high level of customisation that can be achieved through the processing available in our facility. Clients can both buy the many standard models in our catalogue, which can always be found in our well-stocked warehouse, and request tailor-made ones. Thanks to a team of very skilled technicians, we’re able to make our pieces even more special or create brand new ones based on your sketches and ideas.

An endless series of high-quality processing and finishing allows for every order to be unique, and nothing is more important in the fashion industry. Glossy or matte, preciously coated through electroplating or finely decorated through laser etching, choosing between all the options Wealth gives its clients won’t be easy. 

Visit our website to discover everything there is to know about the studs for footwear that have won over the most appreciated international brands.