Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Wealth, a leader in the production of metal smallware field

The fashion industry is mostly made of many professional figures specialised in the production of all those little details that can make an item of clothing or an accessory unique and unforgettable.

Wealth, with its renowned production of metal smallware, is one of these realities that are vital to ensure that the clothes worn by models and sold in stores leave their mark. For many years now, the company works along with the most recognised fashion brands on the Italian and international scene. 

Thanks also to our location – we’re strategically headquartered in Desio, just a few kilometres from Milan – we’ve always had famous designers and brands of clothing and accessories as clients. The fact that they come from all over the world is another proof of the excellent quality of our products.

prodotti Wealth per l'alta moda

What makes Wealth and its metal smallware production stand out 

Since the day it was established and moved its first steps in the fashion industry, Wealth has always stood out for the high-quality of its production of metal smallware destined to leather goods and clothing items and for the professionalism of its employees. Thanks to these pivotal characteristics, the company has become a leading force in the field. In addition to providing long-lasting products, we guarantee extreme promptness in dispatching the orders and absolute clarity when answering our clients’ questions.

We’re not only known for the quality of our products but also the great variety of our catalogue. Wealth’s production of metal smallware for clothing and footwear includes studs, rhinestones, rivets, eyelets, accessories destined to the leather industry, and every kind of button.

We always make sure that our warehouse is well-stocked with a plethora of different pieces and models in many colours. This way, who comes to visit us to take a look at our production of metal smallware for footwear or to place an order has at their disposal a wide selection.

Wealth perfectly knows that even the smallest items, such as a rivet or a stud can have different characteristics based on their function. In order to guarantee a perfect product in every context, the company is able to manufacture the items included in the catalogue and the tailor-made ones through several work processes

It’s our technicians’ job to suggest the one best suited to the actualisation of the client’s idea. Our expert workmen have mastered many techniques, such as zamak die casting, sheet metal forming, turning, deep drawing, and even cold pressing from wire.

The great customisation of Wealth’s production of metal smallware

What sets us apart the most from all other similar companies is perhaps the high level of customisation that we’re able to guarantee through many services provided by our incredible employees. It’s because of them if studs, rivets, rhinestones, and Wealth’s other products are well-known for their exclusive and original design.

We know how important it is for who works in a field as competitive and creative as the fashion industry being recognisable; for this reason, we offer them the chance to give us their sketches for the production of every type of metal smallware. Moreover, we always put a one to one consultant at the client’s complete disposal. From the very beginning to the choice of the finishing and the delivery of the final products, our expert is able to guide you step by step, answering your every doubt.

The standard models that make up our production of metal smallware for clothing, which are always available in our well-stocked warehouse, can be improved with peculiar work processing in order to make them perfect for every situation and function. One of the most appreciated is, for sure, electroplating, a technique that can turn even the dullest stud into a piece of jewellery. Through electroplating, a product is coated in one or more layers of a precious metal, such as gold, palladium, nickel-free, and ruthenium.

The varnishing process is also of extreme importance in order to give the products a characteristic look and make them stand out among the competitors’. For its production of metal smallware for the leather industry, Wealth offers many stunning options. Clients can choose between glossy, semi-matte, and matte varnishes, depending on the style of the piece of clothing the items are destined to; or they can decide for a more unique finishing, such as gumming and polishing.

Lastly, to make unforgettable every piece in our production clients can request to further customise their purchase through mould engraving and laser etching. This way it is possible to apply details such as the brand name on buttons and other products.

To meet our clients’ needs through and through, it’s available another very useful service: we can provide you with samples. This can be of vital importance when the sketches aren’t enough to make a final decision. We understand that, because of the plethora of work processes and finishing we offer, it may be difficult to decide; seeing first hand the potential final product, it’d make everything easier!

For the production of metal smallware worthy of haute couture, get in contact with Wealth or visit our website; in little time you’ll have the chance to talk to one of our technicians to come up with the best way to realise even your most creative ideas.