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Welcome, we are Wealth

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Metal smallware for the leather industry: Wealth’s incredible offerings

Metal smallware for the leather industry and much more: the rich and varied world of Wealth

Not all accessories that fall under the macro-category ‘metal smallware’ are the same. To the untrained eye, the differences between a stud and a rivet may seem irrelevant, but this does not mean that they are not two very different products that are manufactured using specific production processes and that have distinctive characteristics. 

However, the differences found in the products included in the catalogue of a company like Wealth are not limited to the structural ones, such as those that allow us to recognise eyelets and rhinestones. For example, did you know that two studs could be completely different? And we are not talking about shape and size, but much more intimate qualities. 

The variety of Wealth‘s production, in fact, is so appreciated because it includes not only many different models, but also pieces designed for multiple destinations; it is not by chance that metal studs for leather goods are one of our flagship products. A stud designed to be applied to clothes could never be used for bags and belts, which is why our team offers several variations for customers to choose from. 


Pieces of metal smallware for the leather industry

What makes Wealth’s metal smallware for the leather industry a must-have?

Although it is a very important part of the fashion industry, leather goods as a whole are a world apart with their own rules and characteristics. It should therefore come as no surprise that a company as successful in its field as Wealth offers a line of metal smallware specifically for leather goods

Also imagining why this is necessary should not be a big problem. Leather is a very beautiful material, certainly fascinating, but also rather difficult to work with; the accessories that are used for this type of production must first of all be extremely resistant. Secondly, the pieces of metal smallware for the leather industry must also be characterized by their functionality, since in most cases they are used for bags and outerwear. 

Wealth offers its customers metal smallware for the leather industry in two materials: zamak and brass. Both of these metals lend themselves very well to this use and allow them to be further customised through our classic processes. This means that by purchasing this type of product, you will be able to take home unique pieces created specifically for you and your ideas. 

For those who work in this particular fashion sector, metal smallware for the leather industry represent a very stimulating challenge as there are an infinite number of models! Wealth has in its catalogue zip pulls, pendants, clasps, bag fasteners, purse feet and rings, i.e. all the metal accessories needed to finish and decorate leather products. 

Do you need metal smallware for the leather industry? Then you just have to get in touch with the leading company in the field; Wealth will help you to realise your projects in the best possible way thanks to its excellently made and beautifully designed products

Our team of professionals is looking forward to working with you and your company!