Welcome, we are Wealth

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Welcome, we are Wealth

Every single one though, as tiny it can be, actively contributes at the whole in a unique and unrripetable way.


Where to find metal fashion accessories for haute couture

Metal fashion accessories: a piece for haute couture is made of many details

The creation of items of clothing worthy of the most prestigious catwalks in the world requires the collaboration of many kinds of expertise. The contribution of the designer is merely the starting point for the realisation of what often looks more like pieces of art than simple clothes. There are those who work on fabrics; without them, no design would escape its paper prison. And what about tailors who actualise the designers’ most brilliant and original ideas one stitch at a time?

There’s a category of professional figures that spend their lives creating those details that make a piece of clothing unique; usually, they’re artisans, although many of them are technicians specialised in the most advanced of technologies. Let’s take Wealth S.r.l. as an example. For years, the company headquartered in Desio has been seen as an asset in the industry of metal fashion accessories. Moreover, a lot of designers consider Wealth’s contribution to the field essential, as our numerous ongoing collaborations prove. 

Moulding and die-casting of metal smallwares

Wealth: a cutting edge production of metal fashion accessories

Before going into details about the metal fashion accessories that have made Wealth famous all over the world, we’d like to take a moment to talk about those characteristics we’ve built our company around

Firstly we have speed. In a field as competitive as the fashion industry, it is of fundamental importance that every step of the process is fast. In no time, our technicians are able to evaluate each project and decide on the best techniques and processings to realise the client’s idea. The fast pace of the production phase is also impossible to replicate in other factories of metal fashion accessories. Customers not only have at their disposal a well-stocked warehouse of ready to go products but also those who decide on our customised items can be sure to get the final product in a blink of an eye. 

And so we get to the second feature that makes our production of metal fashion accessories unequalled: customisation. Besides its fleeting nature, haute couture is known for its originality; there’s nothing worse for a designer than coming up with ideas too similar to another colleague’s or to repeat themselves. Our products and the many techniques we offer to personalise them allow our customers to stop worrying about this issue. Different shapes and dimensions, a plethora of shades, the chance to enhance studs and rivets through special kinds of processing, such as electroplating and engraving are the main reason it is impossible to find two orders of our metal fashion accessories alike.

The third and last characteristic we’d like to point out is quality. Wealth guarantees that the materials employed for its metal fashion accessories are the best available. Every detail is taken care of with utmost attention, in order to have final products that are not only aesthetically perfect but also functional and easy to apply on the clothing item they’re destined to. To make this possible we’ve devised sample tests for each order. For many of these quality and safety procedures, we employ an external lab, which has the chance to use specific machinery for extremely accurate analysis. Moreover, all Wealth metal fashion accessories comply with the most stringent European regulations and are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. 

The complete catalogue of Wealth metal fashion accessories

Let’s take a look at the metal fashion accessories that Wealth offers to its clients. It’d be impossible not to start with our famous studs; the zamak ones are perfect for the leather industry, a field that requires resistant products, whereas the progs one are suggested for delicate items of clothing and the ABS ones for footwear. 

To light up a piece there is nothing better than rhinestones, better yet if they’re Swarovski crystals. The most demanding clients can ask for the product by the famous brand to create precious metal fashion accessories. Our items made of resins and natural stones are also incredible; they’re ideal for dramatic gowns. 

An infinite series of rivets is available to undergo every customisation process the client wants to meet their needs. Our two closing options make (self-tapping, and male and female) make them perfect for every destination of use. Other metal fashion accessories we’re very proud of are eyelets, the items for the leather industry, and let’s not forget buttons, available in many shapes and finishings.

With a quick visit to our Desio headquarter, you’ll be able to see for yourself our metal fashion accessories and start creating your next project with our experts’ help.